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Christine Seiterle

1969 - born 2nd September in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

1985 - 1990 studies of Design, Painting and Drawing in Switzerland, Austria and Germany

Since 1990 painter and illustrator, lives and works in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Paris, travels and makes further studies in Norway, Italy, Canada and New York City.

Christine Seiterle had orders and purchases from different institutions in Switzerland, i.e. the Museum Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen and from the Town and Kanton of Schaffhausen.

Christine Seiterle’s work shows a great painterly and drawingly sureness, imagination, intuition and narrative pleasure. She creates this by intensively looking for years, by experiencing, sketching and drawing her environment.

The composition of a picture is often intentionally severe and concentrated to the essential. This creates interesting orders which are bringing the meaning of the picture to the point.

Christine’s paintings are talking about everyday things and scenes: People resting or moving, between heaven and earth, in their natural surroundings or built environment. And still, they haunt us directly.

She has a good look at people in movement, by observing their activities in city streets. Taken out of context of space and time by the uniform grey-white background, she is leading our attention to the different patterns of human behaviour and their movements in a very exciting way.

Her pictures are multilayered and ambiguous. One feels behind the common figures and scenes something spiritual shimmering through - thoughts, memories, hopes, wishes, imaginations. Some figures appear in paradisiacal transported light. We realise that dreams and worlds in between are belonging to life.

Christine employs various moods of light and emotional colour found in the course of our daily lives. Her imaginations build new relationships in a timeless outer and inner world full of sound, rhythm and mystery, where we are safely held under the canopy of the sky.

Christine’s paintings seem to breath and to sound. They tell us “Life is beautiful”. They nurse and fulfil us always again.


Since 1988 various joint exhibitions and single shows in Switzerland and Germany

1993 - Reepschlaegerhaus, Wedel-Hamburg
1994 - Gallery 34, Horw, Luzern
1995 - Gallery Gottfried Keller, Glattfelden (ZH)
1996 - Gallery Dolezal, Zuerich CH
1998 - Gallery Hamis, Paris
Kulturgaststaette “Sommerlust” Schaffhausen CH
1999 - “Vebikus” Kammgarn Schaffhausen CH
2000 - Hotel Galerie Rebstock, Luzern CH
2001 - Atelier “Schmu.Ku.Ku”, Zug CH
2002 - Gallery “Kunsttreppe”, Winterthur CH
2003 - Gallery “artwork”, Speyer, D
2004 - Gallery “Haus zum Wasen”, Stein a. Rhein CH
Gallery “artwork”, Speyer, D
2005 - The Affordable Art Fair, London, UK
2006 - Bernerhaus, Kunstverein Frauenfeld
Kunst Schaefer, Wiesbaden
Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK
2007 - Galerie ARTis, Bueren a. A.
The Affordable Art Fair, London, UK
2008 - Galerie am Platz, Eglisau
Galerie Christine Colas, Paris
2009 - Galerie Dosch, Zuerich,
The Affordable Art Fair, London
2010 - Galerie zum Kranz, Foundation Joseph Gnaedinger, Ramsen
Kunst-Shaefer, Wiesbaden
2011 - Galerie am Platz, Eglisau
2012 - Joint exhibition at Galerie Corzia, Paris - with editor Patou
Vebikus, Kammgarn Schaffhausen
2013 - joint exhibition at Gallery Carla Renggli, Zug, CH
2014 - Gallery Dosch, Zurich, CH
2015 - Gallery Regula Brun, Luzern, CH

Book illustrations, both from Louis Breitenbach, Oratio-Verlag Schaffhausen

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