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Elvira Bach

"I do love clichées", Elvira Bach claimed in an interview back in 1991. Stereotyped thinking? Pessimism? On the contrary. After her exhibition "Elvira shows Variations" had premiered in a Berlin butchery in 1978, her main focus, ALWAYS ME, emerged more and more. But it wasn't before her participation in the Cassel Documenta 7 that people got to know her work and do realize her oeuvre at first sight now.

While being thrown into the melting-pot of the young and wild in her early years, her unique proposition as a painter has evolved, after almost three decades. Consider Elvira a snake who loves to skin, to reinvent, and yet to abide by herself. I hardly know any other artist whose work has been more influenced by the art=life equation. Often she catches her reflexion in the mirror - sometimes self-critically.

Thus the brutely sketched Night Owls of 1982 have evolved into the technically nuanced Kitchen Divas by the end of the nineties that manage daily work at home with 2 children with ease. However, for the evening "gig" the red Prada shoes is a must!

Elvira's painting is comprehensive; in fact, it goes without ample art historic explanations. It catches the viewer's eye and fascinates him.

(after Alexander Tiburtius)

1951- Born in Neuenhain/Taunus, Germany
1967-1970- Studied at the Staatliche Glasfachschule, Hadamar
1972-1979- Studied under Hann Trier at the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin (Art's Academy)
1972-1981- Employment with the Schaubuehne am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin, to finance her studies
1982- Invitation as the first woman to the Documenta 7 in Kassel
Artist in Residence, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
1984-1992- Spent long periods in Senegal where she got married and got 2 sons

Elvira Bach lives and works in Berlin

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