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40CM x 30CM


Title: KNOWN (TAG)
Size: 15.74 X 11.81 inches / 40CM x 30CM
Edition: 10
Year: 2014

We're all given a name that gives us a type of individuality. But from that name we're automatically associated to family, caste or social grouping.

Growing up and seeing the tag Korsa all over Birmingham grew into what felt like a mini sub culture tagging via name or post code. From the excitement of hearing others ask if it was you on the other side of town, gave that feeling of being "known".

The tag to me brings back the thoughts of being young again and putting on that cape for the first time and being that superhero with another identity.

Now that I am older and trying to deal with my own personal demons it's a way to get back to that feeling of freedom and not to be associated for the things that have happened in the past, but the great things left to achieve for the future.


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