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Money, Money, Money

74.5 x 99.5 cm

This piece of work is inspired by local Scottish dialect. Words run into one another. The conversation is about money, or the lack of it. The piece uses coloured pencils on graph paper, collage, fractals and a scientific drawing of a black hole. We Scottish often refer to the disappearance of money as " Doon a black hole " or " Snaw affa dyke " i.e. money melts as quickly as snow off a wall. Thetext represents a conversation with an elderly lady, who speculated. "Moneys no ivrythin but its a helluva handy thing tae huv " i.e. Money is not everything but it is a very handy thing to have.
The piece is mounted and framed wit a narrow black freme and glass. The overall dimensions are 74 cms x 99.50 cms

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