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Tropical Allure II

Available from
original painting
120cm. x 120cm.

These paintings are far more beautiful in person, than they are in the images. The photos just cannot capture the subtle beauty of the work, nor the subtlety of the technique. Chaiyo has developed a technique where he etches out a woven pattern by hand, in the background, and on some of the facial features, and the result is compelling, stunning, and distinctive. Since purchasing work from a photo can be tricky, we offer a money back guarantee on these lovely paintings.

Chaiyot Sisaveuy was born in Champassak, Laos in 1976. He has live in Thailand for many years, and studied under the Thai Master Wasan Mivumsuaman from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 to 2006 he studied at ADAC (Association pour le Development del l’Action Culturelle) in Paris, France. He also had a show at the Grand Palais, “Salon del Artistes Independents, ” in Paris, in 2006. He has had shows throughout Thailand, and had a major show in Bali in 2011.

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