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Objeto de use multiple

Available from
original drawing
Printed image size
48cm. x 64cm.

Museum quality original drawings, such as these, are becoming harder to find. As a result, paintings of this caliber are very sought after, and will more than likely appreciate significantly over time.

"Alejandro's recent work is characterized by poetic nostalgia. Amid landscapes bounded by distant cliffs, remote mountains, or calm seas there rise vast stone constructions which, like the mysterious monuments based in the Hindu principle of the mandala, have openings to each of the four points of the compass. They seem to be illustrations for works of science fiction or visions of a world of sheer illusion. Each element is defined in detail by the sure, skilled hand of a mature artist, constantly on the advance, whose creations exert a beguiling effect upon the viewer.

Alejandro stays away from Pop Art, narrative figuration, and hyperrealism—the art trends of that moment—to focus instead on the “demons” of imagination. Hence the creation of virtual spaces, represented in a realistic, three-dimensional way, but alien to any rational logic. These are brutalist architectures, solid masses sprouting mechanical, industrial elements, without a hint of human presence; contexts that stay silent, desolated, like archeological vestiges. Alejandro models them in a paradoxically meticulous fashion, bringing to mind the drawings of Mayan pyramids made by travelling artists towards the end of the 19th century." - Abelardo G. Mena Chicuri, Curator of Contemporary International Art at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana.

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