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Sin titulo D

Available from
original painting
30cm. x 15cm.
Printed image size
30cm. x 15cm.

This watercolor on paper, is by an artist who is the most significant living female artist, active in Cuba today. Zaida del Río, born in 1954, is a woman artist, a tireless, fervent exponent of Cuban fine arts, and defender of femininity mostly via her poetry. She gets her inspiration from her most profound desires for an equitable world in balance with Mother Nature. Dancing figures, in which femininity is a principle element, navigate through dissimilar worlds and universes. The skill and grace of her brush take over her shapes, with a combination of spirituality and hedonism, that become melded into one.
 Zaida is a Cuban painter who has gained a deserved spotlight amongst the top group of recognized contemporary Cuban artists. We guarantee the authenticity of these works, and will state that on our gallery letterhead.

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