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original painting
61cm x 61cm.

This painting is from Balcacer's "Cobalt series", that were done in 2006 and 2007. Work from that period is very sought after. This painting is an outstanding example of her work from that period. Balcacer's paintings represent a mixture of great beauty, whimsy, romance, substance, magic, and power. Good works by Balcacer are becoming harder to find, as the demand for her work has risen dramatically over the past few years. MLA Gallery has an excellent selection of original works on canvas, and paper. Ada Balcacer is considered one of the five most significant artists in the history of the Dominican Republic, and the most important Dominican artist living today.

The medium of this work is actually oil on canvas with collage. The artist refers to this as mixed media.

We not only guarantee the authenticity of the work, but we offer an absolute guarantee of satisfaction with all of the artwork this gallery represents, and a life time trade in policy, for the full value of the work. Please inquire for details.

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