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"The Girl of the Wind" (Study for Boreas) - 1904

32,3x24,4 inches

John William WATERHOUSE (1849 - 1917)
English Painter - Victorian Age.
One of the great master of the neoclassical, pre-raphaelite and symbolist english movement.

Lithograph edited at 50 exemplars only
Handsigned & numbered edition.
From an original drawing from John William Waterhouse of 1904 & for the first time in the world in lithograph.

This drawing, representing John William Waterhouse’s most famous one,
has been presented partially cut for quite a long time.
Some old photos found recently, have proved that it was not always the case.
For the first time ever, the lithograph shows this drawing entirely
as it was drawn by Waterhouse in 1904.

From the drawing to its printing, this lithograph has been entirely realized by hand.
With the same technical and artistic constraints, the same moves are made on the very same period machines.
Drawing on stone, printing colour by colour on "Marinoni Voirin" lithographic flat press of 1920.

Title : "The Girl of the wind" (Study for Boreas) 1904
Technique : Lithograph from an original drawing in red chalk on paper.
Date of the lithograph : 2015
Publiher : France Art Diffusion
Lithography workshop : Atelier A Fleur de Pierre (Paris)
Lithographers : Etienne de Champfleury & Jean-Pierre Stholl
Lithograph in 4 colors
Size : 31, 9x24, 4 inches / 81x62 cm
Paper : BFK Rives 270g
Signature : Hand-signed & numbered in pencil by the 2 lithographers & the publisher.
Personal stamp (embossing) of the publisher.

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