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Mountain and water 03

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Kim, Yong-won who utilize Lingerie and Lighting in her pieces. Her unusual choice in material allows her to recreate nature in a distinct an enticing way. She works with sheer, delicate lace lingerie to arouse curiosity and create a shroud of mystery in one of her main series "Exposure."

This artworks is her new sereis which represent the reflection of mountain by water.

She is one of our exclusive artists since 2013 and 60% of works were SOLD OUT during her first invited solo exhibition. Moreover, her works are chosen by various collectors from Hongkong, Singapore, England, and other overseas. Now she prepares a new series for solo exhibition in korea and Shanghai this year as well.

Artist_ Kim Yong-Won
Lingerie on Silk, LED
Gallery Aile(Kor)

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