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The Contessa

Available from
25 + IV
72 x 55 cm

"Following the usual parameters of the genre, Wurm attempts to break through the external and representative aspects of the portrait, past possessions, poses, and names, through the layer of clothes, to arrive at the inside. He attempts to describe the essence of this interior by turning it into its opposite. For the moment of the photograph, the models allow themselves to be carried away to do something, to submit briefly to the ridiculous, give way to the delicate neurotic or the secret eccentric. The presence of the camera and/or the authorship of the artist confirms them in their actions, freeing almost exhibitionistic powers. The caricaturing features that Wurm gives to the persons portrayed are quite merciless, but ultimately do not seek to harm the dignity of the portrayed, but pay them respect for overcoming their own limits." (Ruth Horak in EIKON #55, S. 09)

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