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Pineal Enlightenment Print

18 X 24 inches

SOLD original
You can order a giclee print of my original art work "Pineal Enlightenment". The original is in a private collection with agreement from collector to release Giclee prints in runs of 10. Yours will arrive in a tube, rolled. Order a frame only upon arrival.
Get yours while supplies last. Please contact me at for a print, $125, shipping included

Pineal Enlightenment, features a pinecone. One would not immediately think of a coniferous tree in the desert, yet they grow quite readily all over the southwest. They have been planted in residential yards and many species like Juniper grow naturally in the high desert. In my family home’s front yard right in the middle of hot and dry Phoenix, Arizona we had huge pine trees. This work addresses my personal religious past and upbringing, so the link to my childhood home is an important one. In another spiritual/religious connection, I am referencing the pinecone as a symbol for the pineal gland of ancient Pagan religions. The Pineal Gland is a tiny gland in the brain located right in the middle of the forehead between the two eyes. It is known in many religions as the “Third Eye”. In some spiritual practices, once one’s third eye is completely open, they are then enlightened. The Pineal glad contains and distributes )
- Pineal Enlightenment DMT (dimethyltryptamine, a molecule found in nearly every living
organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth. DMT is synthesized
in our brain's pineal gland, and is thought to possibly link us to the spiritual world or
create near-death experiences, whether real or imagined, as well as other reported
spiritual phenomenon.

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