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Chricahua Energy

5X4 ft

This painting is actully acrylic and paper collage on wooden panel, very heavy painting.
This piece focuses on an over look in the Chiricahua Nat'l Monument. I choose desert and southwestern landscape because it is where I currently reside, and grew up as a child. I lived in Northern California for 12 years, and being back in the desert has a magical feeling, or even spiritual. As someone who clings to science to make sense of the world around me, I use that knowledge to draw inspiration from.
This work is about the fact that the world around us is made up of all the same substance, quantum particles that combine to create the atoms that assemble our reality. This painting reflects the images that this fact conjures for me, of particles assembling, disassembling, and re-assembling to create the world around us.
original art work, wood panel
Leanne C. Miller

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