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'Light Trails'

Available from

Fresh new original paintings on canvas! - I am really excited to show three fresh new canvas paintings in my new 'Liquid Lights' series of Urban Impressionistic works. The series takes the ideas, and feel of impressionism and uses modern mediums and locations / landscapes to create almost abstract and energetic works.
Each is an original painting, acrylic, spray paint, paint marker on canvas and 24 x 24 inches in size for the larger pieces and 24 x 12 inches for the smaller painting. Signed on the reverse.
Entitled 'Bluster' and 'Light Trails' and the smaller painting 'Light In My Hands' they are all now currently available from my shop!
Inspired by the stunning photography of Bryce Hughes

More original art and limited edition prints available at Dan Kitchener (DANK)
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