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The Black Dress Cecily

80"x 30"
Printed image size
80" x 30"

Working for roughly 60 years, Alex Katz continues to gain momentum in the contemporary art world. The flat application of paint is a hallmark of his universally recognizable paintings and prints, along with clean outlines and bright, eye-catching hues. Katz emerged during a time in which Abstract Expressionism reigned supreme, yet he went against the grain and clung onto representational painting and valued the human figure as a notable artistic subject. To him, portraiture is sacred and his portraits constitute his most popular and sought-after works. While many of his figures are anonymous, he has used his beloved wife and muse, Ada, as the subject of over 250 works and has also included his son, Vincent, in several pieces. Katz is currently featured in a group exhibition at the Portrait Gallery in London entitled, “Face Value: Portraiture in the Age of Abstraction, ” honouring his commitment to portraiture at a time in the mid-20th century when the genre was deemed dead as a progressive art form.

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