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‘A gold manifestation of The Berwick Cross’

‘A gold manifestation of The Berwick Cross’ by David Hensel
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41 cms high including base

‘A gold manifestation of The Berwick Cross’
.This takes exactly the same form as the unique bronze figure in Berwick Church, The difference is in the medium and the colour. This unique piece is made of solid polyurethane resin. The hands and face are 24k gold leaf, the rest is metallic gold, an alloy of bronze. This is applied by painting it with "gold size", an oil based varnish which is left to dry until it's tacky then the gold leaf or powder is applied. It then hardens to a bright gloss finish leaving the metal looking shiny. It is then waxed. Bases are wood, blackboard paint, waxed. Signed verso. £1250

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