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The Crow and the Butterfly

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Printed image size
18 by 24 inches

"The Crow and the Butterfly"
I awaken in the middle of the night with a sudden change of location. A fog appears and abruptly, with a peaceful motion,
I am in my childhood schoolyard on Long Island New York, an old northeastern fishing village with a mercury vapor light casted from above, illuminated from the New York City skyline.
Now within a breaking of the fog, a beautiful woman comes into view. She is very familiar to me but in the same sense she is not recognizable at all . The woman is ever so slightly swinging back and forth on a tattered old swing.
You can hear the sounds of the rusty chains that suspend the swing from overhead while a butterfly is quietly pattering around the woman.
There wasn't anything odd about the whole scene except that there were no children in the playground and you can feel the absence of them in a way that is not meant to be understood, but the feeling is so strong that you don't question it.
Now as time is progressing and yet it feels like it is not moving at all, I realize something. The woman was a mother and this mother has lost a child. I was unable to realize if the child was a little girl or a little boy, I just knew that they were lost.
Most people that read this think the mother is the crow and the butterfly is the child,
however I think it's the other way around.

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