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Thinking about my summer hat

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This painting.. (Thinking about my summer hat, acrylics on canvas, 2016) I really have to share my thoughts, I have painted this a few months back and become very emotional when I finished it almost as if I’ve had closed a certain chapter of my life. When I look at it it gives me a joyful feeling and makes me wander of to my youth… I’ve had a beautiful youth which I’m very grateful for. At the same time it makes me emotional because those days (how cliche) are really over. Because the woman is Asian and I’m not it also makes me (re)think certain things and realize that I have had a very nice youth but that’s not said for this Asian woman, there are a lot of things not right in Asia.. and makes me feel even more blessed that I was so lucky to grew up in such a loving, tolerant environment.. Therefor for me this painting has it all and is one of my personal favorites… I’m curious if you can feel it too when you look at it…
100x100 cm canvas painting made with acrylic paint. Item is framed with a black wooden box frame

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