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Prices range from £25-£250

These photographs are of models which have been layered thickly and painted in acrylic, then photographed, then painted over. You have a choice whether you wish the prints to be painted over in sections. This looks great on the A0 foam-ex as you can't tell it's been painted over until you go up close to it.

There are different sizes and materials to choose from. If you wish for it to be printed onto anything else or any different sizes, please email me on: Also with the photographic prints, please let me know whether you would like them to be gloss, satin or matte.

Velcro on the back at the top and bottom of the foam-ex prints for an easy and hassle free way to display.

POSTAGE is added into the cost of the print.

Foam-ex A0 - £250
Foam-ex A1 - £210
Foam-ex A2 - £170
Foam-ex A3 - £100
Print A0 - £80
Print A1 - £60
Print A2 - £40
Print A3 - £25

More original art and limited edition prints available at Monisha Bernice Rockett
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