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Pine Barrens Tree Frog 294 by Andy Warhol

38" x 38"

Title: Pine Barrens Tree Frog 294
Medium: Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board.
Year: 1983
Size: 38″ x 38″
Edition: Unique. Portfolio of 10.

Andy Warhol created Pine Barrens Tree Frog 294 for his portfolio Endangered Species in 1983. His friends and celebrated political activists Ron and Freyda Feldman approached Warhol to create a portfolio of ten endangered animals to raise public awareness. In addition to Pine Barrens Tree Frog, the Endangered Species include the African Elephant, the Grevy’s Zebra, the Bald Eagle, the Giant Panda, the Siberian Tiger, the San Francisco Silverspot, the Orangutan, the Black Rhinoceros and the Bighorn Ram. As exhibited by Pine Barrens Tree Frog, Warhol depicted his Endangered Species using bold, bright colors. In this unique color combination, Warhol used vibrant yellow and purple with red outlines that both create a sense a movement and draw attention the to subject in a way that stays true to Warhol’s signature pop art style.

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