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Orca Welcome

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48x36"/122x91.4 cm
Printed image size
48x36"/122x91.4 cm

Oil on canvas with amethyst, and aventurine, custom framed by artist. Amethyst is a stone of sprituality that helps calm and soothe and is often used to help with addictions. Aventurine helps with overall healing and is especially helpful in working to release childhood trauma.
I have also used aluminium foil.
I was inspired by a pod of Orca whales that came to meet our boat just outside of the small port of Bella Bella off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. This was an unusual encounter as there were two calves in the pod and rarely does a pod approach a vessel with young calves.Avery deeply moving experience to be within reach of such wondrous creatures, known as the "keepers of the records for humanity". The colour purple represents the highest chakra, the seat of universal knowledge so, interesting that I sub consciously chose this.

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