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Being Healed by Brasvellbreen

Available from
36x42"/ 96x107cm

oil on wood panel gemstones clear quartz and pyrite added to paint to increase the healing resonance of the painting.Mint condition.
This painting came out of a trip to Svalbard, near the North Pole, north of Norway on a very small Swedish ship with 11 other passengers. We spent a 22 hour stretch running alongside the Brasvellbreen, the second longest glacier in the world. The extraordinary blues which sparkled in the 24 hour lightthrough the ever descending water tumbling into the sea below. We we so close that the spray from th ewater was htting our faces andwe eve rhad showers under the cascading water on the deck as we went by.
I was recovering from a very serious accident I had sustained in the Sahara and truly felt that I needed to see and be in ice in order to survive. A place of great magic and high resonance which ice always bring sgiven that it is comprised to crystals.

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