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Lord of Sea and Sky - a large original seascape painting


40 x 40 x 1.5 inches large original seascape of a stormy sky over a glittering sea. Dark clouds are rolling around but a gap has opened below the cloud where the sun shines onto the deep turquoise sea. A lone seagull glides across the sky. He is the lord of the sky and of the sea. The painting is Expressionist in style and inspired by lots of time spent on cliffs on the Sussex coast. This was an experimental painting as it only used 4 colours (white, purple, turquoise and gold). I wanted to show the energy of the sea and sky as they both move around restlessly doing strange things to the sunlight. I also wanted to pay homage to seagulls who somehow manage to rule the skies no matter what the conditions are. Edges white, no frame needed. You can see this painting being made at

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