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Flash Complete Portfolio by Andy Warhol

Edition of 22, 26 numbered in Roman numerals; 10 lettered A-J has three additional screenprints, each of which is a composite of images from II.33 and II.38. (See II.43A-43C.) Details: Each print, housed in a folder with a page of Teletype text, is signed
21” x 21”

Andy Warhol created his portfolio, Flash – November 22, 1963, based on images from mass media related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Flash includes 11 screenprints assembled in a book that features text taken straight from newspapers, which is where the portfolio gets its title of Flash – November 22, 1963. Warhol layered recognizable images, including multiple images of Jackie Kennedy, multiple images of a smiling JFK, and the photo of the building from which JFK was shot from with an arrow pointing to the window where Lee Harvey Oswald stood. Andy Warhol was fascinated with the Kennedy assassination and the media’s depiction of it. The Flash portfolio exemplifies his obsession with the combination of tragedy and celebrity. This Flash portfolio is in pristine condition, includes all 11 screenprints with matching edition numbers, and is signed by Andy Warhol. Please feel free to reach out for additional photos.

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