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The Angel Queens Ride Out - a large underwater seascape


40 x 40 x 1.5 inches large original oil painting of an underwater seascape with tropical fish. The three colourful fish are called 'angel queens' and they glide across the sandy seabed in perfect unison. The sand reflects the pale pink, lilac, yellow and peach colours that are mirrored in the fish. The surface of the water above the fish is blue, green and turquoise and shimmers with sparkling light. Beams of light shine through the clear blue water and make white patterns across the sandy sea floor. The fish are unimpressed. They move together to another destination that only they know about and we can only guess. Painted in a realistic style and inspired by too many happy hours spent face down in a Caribbean sea. It makes me happy to paint this series of underwater paintings as I can relive brilliant holidays as I do it! Edges are white, canvas does not need a frame.

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