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'Perro Semihundido, Version 2 (after Goya)'

Out of
'Perro Semihundido, Version 2 (after Goya)' by Chris Gollon
Printed image size
16.5" x 12" (42 x 30cm)

Original painting, acrylic on paper by Chris Gollon. "We do not know what it means, but its pathos moves us on a level below narrative." Robert Hughes, the great 20th century art critic on Goya’s 'Perro Semihundido'. Chris Gollon has long been fascinated by Goya's Black Paintings, which he painted just for himself on the walls of his own house, when isolated by old age and deafness. One panel is the single image of a half-submerged dog, full of pathos, as if masterless in a world from which God has withdrawn. Chris Gollon sometimes does 'cover versions' of works by artists from the past, which also partly tests his own style and his ability to update a subject for a modern day audience. This is one such work. IAP Fine Art is also part of the Arts Council of England's OWN ART Scheme for UK residents, allowing you to purchase a work in 10 monthly interest-free instalments. See our website for details.

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