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Toy Painting FIPS (Mouse) by Andy Warhol

8x10 inches

Title: Toy Painting FIPS (Mouse)
Medium: Painting, Synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen ink on canvas
Year: 1983
Size: 8″x 10″
Edition: Unique

Andy Warhol created his painting Toy Painting FIPS in 1983 as part of his Toy Paintings portfolio. Warhol’s friend and gallerist, Bruno Bischofberg, asked him to create a series of paintings for children. Throughout his life Warhol collected numerous vintage toys and children’s books, which served as inspiration for the Toy Painting series. Once again Warhol amplified his love of using commercialized images and products in his work. The colorful work was created through a combination of silkscreen inks and painting. The series also had an important message about advertising and society’s obsession with consumerism. In this work Warhol focuses more on the packaging of the toy than the toy itself, which serves as a metaphor of how the bright colored red and blue packaging can convince and deceive a child of a product’s value. Andy Warhol’s Toy Painting FIPS is a unique painting.

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