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Coke Moss – Zero Kate (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Matching print set #9/25
Printed image size
Each print 74.0cm x 74.0cm

Medium: Limited edition serigraphs (set of 3) on metallic paper

Good To Know: Each print has been professionally framed and packed, stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request

Arty-Fact: In 2009, K-Guy created a sketch of supermodel Kate Moss, titled “Coke Moss.” His narrative triggered a public frenzy, but like all things creative, the portrait became an integral symbol of street art. He eventually auctioned the piece on eBay for an impressive AUD $5,000.

In response to the overwhelming demand for his “Coke Moss” print release, K-Guy followed-up in 2010 with a new version – with a twist. “Coke Moss – Zero Kate” is the new “size zero” version.

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