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Expressions: Ecstasy – Waves of Exhilaration

Framed: 113.4cm x 85.4cm
Printed image size
Image: 92.5cm x 62.5cm

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Good To Know: Custom framed by the artist, professionally packed and stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: The surging wave is used to enhance the heightened feeling in which a person transcends normal consciousness towards rapturous euphoria.

Expressions Series: "My Expressions series, was inspired by Chinese opera and Japanese Kabuki theatre. It is a plethora of complementary emotions. The yin and yang of expressions such as: joy and sorrow, agony and ecstasy, are executed in a unique precision of painting style, using acrylics on paper. The influence of Chinese and Japanese culture over the last century and a half is notable and is an art form to be preserved and appreciated. Inspiration for this series came from every aspect – from the costume and makeup to the artist’s skill and technique of performing and expression, which is dealt with a high level of perfection. In Kabuki theatre and Chinese opera the artist brings life to expression, ‘the perfect inspiration’. Minimalism, an intrinsic part of the Japanese psyche has been much copied in the west, a major influence on styles such as art nouveau in the design of object d’art, buildings and costumes. The use of painted faces to symbolise qualities of human nature with its bold linear symmetrical patterns in red and black defines the character of the facial expression were to me the perfect resource in the creation of the series. You’ll notice most facial outlines have been eliminated with an approach to minimalism." ~ Lakshmi Mohanbabu

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