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The Oarsman

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Printed image size
38 x 61 cm

“When I first started as a dealer in early English watercolours some 40 years ago, it was possible to buy a drawing by Turner for a few hundred pounds. That is no longer the case. The art market is a Chimera, a confusion of noise and shadow, exacting and bewildering to artist and art dealer alike. But away from the din of fashion and money, the artist mines his talent and excavates his soul, and with a brush and pigment expresses himself on a blank canvas. Murphy does this with originality and distinction. Where Turner spun his magic in painting landscape, Murphy references family, religion, woman and nature, his colour intense and his fluid rhythmic composition demanding the viewer’s involvement. We react to his art because we are aware of the danger and the courage of his ambition.”
Nicholas Bowlby; Fine Art Dealer

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