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Bagatelle 1996

Image Created in 1996
Limited to 250
Printed image size
128.0cm x 103.0cm

Medium: Ink sublimation on aluminium, numbered and signed by the artist

Good To Know:
~ The aluminium used is ‘avionic’ which prevents rust
~ The panels have a special emulsion coating
~ The image is created using an ink sublimation technique
~ A Roland & HP Large Format Printer is used to apply the image
~ The panels are press-heated to infuse the image into the metal
~ The prints have an archival value of 100+ years (longer than any other printing method)
~ The prints can be cleaned using a soft cloth or feather duster
~ CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) signed by the artist

Arty-Fact: A promotional maverick who retains creative control over every image he produces, Razzia has conceptualized fresh images for fashion, music, sports, charitable causes and a myriad of events. Ripples of past masters manifest themselves in stylistic touches throughout his works – echoes of Cassandre, Cappiello, Erte and Broders.

Fiat's 1954 Turbina concept car is a befitting image for Razzia's "Louis Vuitton - Parc de Bagatelle Concours d’Elegance 1996" poster design.

Displayed at the 36th Turin Motor Show, people were amazed by the car’s streamlined shape. The red and white paintjob made it stand out even more. Jet inspiration could be seen everywhere on the car, including the chrome-ringed turbine exhaust, along with the huge fins.

Source: “Razzia – 25 Years Of Poster Art” by Mickey Ross

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