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Curva Pericolosa

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'Spray Paint On Original Road Sign'

Born in France in 1966 Clet Abraham has lived and worked from his studio in Florence, for the past 20 years. A classically trained artist studying sculpture and oil painting, Abraham found a way of expressing his artistic talent in a completely unique way. Tampering with street signs in the middle of the night, Abraham embarked on an International exhibition in the streets. New York, Tokyo, Rome, & London, no city is out of bounds and our common road signs are continually in his sights to convey his vivid imagination.

Thought provoking & humorous, Abraham uses stickers to alter and change the appearance of the signs in the hope that people will think twice next time they are asked to follow an instruction.

Whilst the work of this Gorilla artist is not legal, Abraham takes great care not to alter the main function of the signs, he says: “I don’t damage the signs – because I use stickers – but I wake up attention and I create a dialogue”

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