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Ulrike Meinhof

Available from
51 x50 cm

"Ulrike Meinhof', by Gerhard Richter, is a print from the original negative of the portrait of Ulrike Meinhof that Richter had copied from an issue of “Stern” (in the Hamburg press archives) and which served as the referent for his painting. The photographer Inge-Maria Peters (who also signed the edition) took the portrait of the 32-year-old mother of two on October 10, 1966, to accompany Meinhof’s regular column for “Konkret”; four years later, Meinhof would join the terrorist underground. Richter’s choice to revisit this photograph in an artist’s edition may be read as a comment on his earlier work, which has become almost inseparable from his “Youth Portrait” painting in the collective memory: the photograph prompts a comparative gaze that looks behind the painting’s blurring and emulation of Old Master iconography, qualities the artist discerned in the original picture but heightened by the means of his art. Almost 30 years after Richter’s painting (and nearly four decades after Meinhof’s death), does the photograph vouchsafe a less warped vision of history, a way out of the impossibility of its representation? Far from being a secondary visual, the photograph is revealed, here, to be a tableau in its own right: once the painting’s model, now returning in its wake, it emerges as its equal.

The print is in mint condition - it is numbered and signed by Gerhard Richter, and countersigned by Maria Peters, on the reverse. Further images available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery with any questions."

Numbered and signed on the back, and countersigned by Maria Peters on the reverse

Provenance - Texte Zur Kunst

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