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Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Available from
48 of 50

Limited Edition print hand finished with 24ct gold leaf by Magnus Gjoen.

This piece of art is printed on 330gsm Somerset Velvet Paper and comes in two editions.

The first edition is 105x105cm and is an edition of 25. The second is 60x60cm and is an edition of 50.

Magnus Gjoen, former designer for Vivienne Westwood, creates images that are full beauty but also thought provoking. His art explores the interaction between power and fragility, juxtaposing the two states for maximum conceptual effect. Magnus Gjoen’s work blends a range of styles, incorporating a street and pop aesthetic into a fine art approach.

This piece of art depicts a neo-classical family, posing by a colonnaded building to have their portrait painted. In the background, is a huge mushroom cloud, exploding behind the group. The entire image is rendered in black and white, apart from the sky which is gilded in 24ct gold leaf.

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