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Ogura Imitation of the Hundred Poets (No:61)

Ogura Imitation of the Hundred Poets (No:61) by Kuniyoshi, Utagawa
36.5 x 24.8 cm

`Ise no Osuke` showing Kokonoe Tayu (the Courtesan Kokonoe) and Yadahei. Kuniyoshi shows Yadahei & Kokonoe seated underneath a cherry tree which is starting to drop it`s petals. Kokonoe has her sash (obi) tied in front as was the custom for courtesans. Yadahei wears the typical outfit of the Emperor`s footsoldier, notably the kneepads (sanriate) placed over cautery scars caused by moxa burning, a classical Chinese medical treatment of burning mugwort. Also shown are two water buckets and rods of split bamboo both associated with punishing criminals. They are tragically in love and the poem reads: `The eight-petalled cherries, from the Nara capital, of the ancient past, today nine layers thick, have blossomed within your court`. . Mint condition and colours, binding holes on right.

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