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Omega Centauri Interferometrics

Omega Centauri Interferometrics by Agent X
Limited to 20
58.0cm x 106.0cm

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition gicleé on paper

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist

Arty-Fact: Omega Centauri is a globular cluster located in the direction of the Centaurus constellation.

Hosting about 10 million stars within a region about 150 light years in diameter, Omega Centauri is the brightest and largest globular star cluster in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The cluster lies at a distance of 15,800 light years from Earth.

Interferometric is a family of techniques in which waves, usually electromagnetic, are superimposed causing the phenomenon of interference to extract information.
In ‘Omega Centauri Interferometric’, you can see an arctic wave in multi-colour format. This work is heavily inspired by space and the glitch art movement.

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