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Leopsilon Holds The 5th Dimension

Leopsilon Holds The 5th Dimension by Agent X
Limited to 20
48.0cm x 86.0cm

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition gicleƩ on paper.

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist's studio.

Arty-Fact: Leopsilon is a futuristic character who a time traveler and excellent linguistics specialist from the 7th dimension. In a game of pure chance he gets to play in a dangerous game of shikj with the wizard Tarillo, which he wins by pure luck. The powerful wizard Tarillo owes a life debt to Leopsilon. Instead of his life Leopsilon asks for a past dimension in physical form, requiring Tarillo to split himself and making him inhuman.

Leopsilon goes back in time to change his future in Wakanda which shows his face now made of pure gold - a fad for the ultra rich in the 7th dimension. The colors of the 5th dimension swirl on the side of the image. Time is represented by light.

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