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The Adventures of GoGo Yubari

Limited to 20
101.0cm x 81.0cm

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition gicleé on paper.

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist's studio, accompanied by a CoA issued by the artist.

Asking Price: Free worldwide shipping, excludes shipping and applicable import duties.

Arty-Fact: "GoGo may be young, but what she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness.” ~ Beatrix Kiddo

GoGo is a fictional character from the Quentin Tarantino movie "KILL BILL VOLUME 1". She is the personal bodyguard of Crazy 88 crime boss O-Ren Ishii.

GoGo gets a huge thrill when it comes to killing for fun. GoGo's disturbed mind and vicious penchant for killing is displayed when she offers herself to a drunken Tokyo Business Man in a bar and then disembowels him, gleefully recalling a disturbing pun in the act. To deceive her mistresses enemies, she dresses the part of a seemingly innocent schoolgirl. Thus, said enemies make the mistake of assuming she is no threat, which she quickly dispels.

She died after she was defeated and murdered by Beatrix Kiddo following a showdown between the two at the bloody House of Blue Leaves massacre.

These are her former adventures in vivid anime collage form. All the action, mystery, trickery and, of course, all those who would dare cross her path.

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