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Save Our Trees, Save Us

Limited to 50
70.0cm x 50.0cm

Medium: Hand signed, hand embellished, limited edition screen print on paper.

Good To Know: Ships directly from the artist studio, accompanied by a CoA (Cert. of Authenticity) signed by the artist.

Asking Price: Excludes shipping and applicable import duties / charges. Please contract our gallery for a shipping quote.

Arty-Fact: ‘Save Our Trees, Save Us’ was originally created by Anthea to support the local community of Ixelles, Brussels, where she currently resides.

Anthea, together with local activists, founded a group called Mixelles. The group aims to make their neighbourhood a greener and friendlier place to live.

The team launched a petition calling for an inclusive co-creation of urban space between citizens and the government. The visual was pasted to walls in the area and has brought awareness to the campaign.

A large collage of ‘Save Our Trees’ was also pasted in Place Fernand Cocq, on the window of a popular pub that recently closed due to gentrification of the area despite hundreds of signatures to keep it open.

Anthea was invited to the IPAF (International Public Art Festival) in Cape Town, South Africa, where she painted a large mural version of ‘Save Our Trees, Save Us’ in the popular Salt River area. She chose to highlight the recent events surrounding the Tokai Forest which involved hundreds of citizens fighting to save their precious forest even though the trees were eventually chopped down.

“Trees help us breathe better air and make us feel more balanced. If people express a need to live and be surrounded by more biodiversity, it should be possible to find a consensus with the politicians and co-create a new public space tomorrow.” ~ Anthea Missy

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