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1980 Nen no Keitai Denwa / A Mobile/Cell Phone of 1980

Available from
18.5 x 13 in.
Printed image size
17.5 x 11.5 in.

Blind printing, silver and bronze metallic pigment and 23c gold leaf on the cuff buttons in the form of the letter B twice. Series title and print title in karazuri (’blind-printing’) on the upper left margin; signed in kan-ji, Bin-ni upper left followed by red artist’s seal Binnie, and numbered and signed in pencil on the bottom margin.

“The 9th in the series Hyakunen no Hana, Flowers of a Hundred Years, the print reminds us that the tiny super-computers we all carry in our pockets used to be simple phones the size of a brick! More importantly, the model shows a female executive, in pastel blazer with shoulder pads and contrasting scarf, symbolic of women achieving better jobs and the ability to rise to important positions within their professions. In the 80s, mobile/cell phones were very expensive and could only be within reach of those on high salaries.“ Paul Binnie, May 2018

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