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Halhul's Grapes

Printed image size
102x110 cm

The Grapes of Halhul
A graceful girl , with brunette skin and hair , black eyes and upright stature , carries a bunch of grapes with pride and glory . these are the grapes of Halhul . the artist wanted the grapes to be at the top of the painting , because Halhul is his hometown , and the grapes represent its simple rural and rustic components , the ones that fill the place with goodness and spontaneity . the artist mixes the colors spontaneously to draw the topography of the body of a beautiful girl with all delight and happiness . he paints a coherent background in its simple design and simple components ; however , this is the outcome of years of experience , practice and creation of all raw materials . here . the artist Nabil Anani who knows the value of color and compositions and its effects on the receiver , paints an image for him with unrealistic features , not surreal with its looks .in this painting , he does not try to portray a philosophical concept or theory taken from books or research . he paints with such spontaneity and simplicity , which shall dominate over you at first sight , and will make you swim in the core components of the painting , shape . color and texture . The text chosen by the artist on the back of the girl is by yhe famous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish , who became a slogan and a symbol in all artistic and cultural forums of Arabic poetry , whether in Palestine or in the Arab world as a whole . but the visual artist here tends toward humility . He chooses the Naskh writing style to convey to us the story of Gwnghis Khan, the Mongol leader in Baghdad , after it reached its opogee in the capital of the Abbasid caliphate .

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