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Mai huitième deux mille dix-sept

Limited to 40
96.0cm x 73.0cm

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition gicleé on paper.

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist's studio, accompanied by a CoA issued by the artist.

Asking Price: Free worldwide shipping, excludes shipping and applicable import duties.

Arty-Fact: Agent X is committed to toying with the boundaries of the figurative and abstract, sometimes going very much in one direction, and on other occasions headlong in the other. All the while, he has shown that a brusque street art aesthetic very much can be married to serious intellectualism, and that one can light-heartedly laugh at contemporary culture while also provoking just the right dose of considered thought.

‘Mai huitième deux mille dix-sept’ - or, 8th of May 2017 - marks the moment Macron defeated Le Pen in the French Presidential election. A figure stands at the centre of the artwork, radiating a sense of motion. There is a feeling of time passing - of the ever changing fate of political moments.

Series: 2018 Fall Collection

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