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Jennifer Bartlett is a contemporary American artist whose paintings, drawings, and prints combine abstraction and representation, as seen in her large-scale installation Rhapsody (1975-1976). Bartlett’s subject matter is often mundane—a white chair, trees in a garden, a hallway—yet structured and formally analyzed in such a way as to give it a sense of profound meaning. She explores various methodologies to question the artistic form, asking, for example, what happens when a painting has no edges? “I did two big series. One was abstract and one was figurative. I think that an abstract painting is actually more figurative than a figurative painting, because it frequently is closer to the thing it is depicting, ” she reflected. “If you paint a red square, you have a red square of a certain measurable dimension. If you paint a vase of flowers, the vase of flowers is not measurable—more abstract than the red square. This print is sold in mint condition, please contact the gallery with any further questions.

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