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Dissected Milo (Set of Three)

Available from
16.51 x 19.05 x 11.43 cm

KAWS is a graffiti artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, product designer, and toymaker. His cartoonish style—including his best-known characters with X-ed out eyes—has its roots in his early career as a street artist, when he began replacing advertisements with his own, masterful acrylic paintings in the early 1990's. Modeled after the large form pieces, the collectibles features one Companion character holding and consoling another Companion.Further images are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery with any questions.“Dissected Milo (Set of Three)” is a collaboration between Bathing Ape (or BAPE) and KAWS that combines both enterprises’ signature figure into one, the Baby Milo and Dissected Companion. This group of three figures depicts BAPE’s Baby Milo divided into two halves, each side expressive of the the creators' notable aesthetic. Each colorway, Black, Brown, and Grey, is designed in a complementary color scheme as exterior and interior elegantly exist concurrently in a way that distracts from their lurid composition. The figures assert several ideas in a relatively simple form: the temporality of life, the relationship between a brand and its creator, and an inner divide.Please also note that if there is a particular toy or sculpture that is not currently listed, please get in touch and we will try and source one on your behalf.

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