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Image C from: "River Avon Mud Drawings"

Available from
65 x 96cm

Richard Long made these works, which he terms drawings, by dipping each page into wet mud taken from the River Avon in Bristol. He hung each sheet up to allow the water to run off, leaving streaks of dried mud on its surface. The results of this process are displayed upside down in the finished artwork, with the runs of muddy water going from the bottom to the top of the pages. The thinning of the streams of mud towards the top of the page testify to this reversal, while the thin white lines at the bottom of the sheets show where the paper was held when dipped in the mud. Although the method by which each of these images has been created is the same, each page is unique: some are darker, others lighter, on some the mud stains are more prominent while on others they are lighter and more mottled. The resulting patterns are largely the effect of chance, with the rivulets of muddy water following the most straightforward path down the paper, in the same way that rivers flow through the landscape on their way downhill.

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