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Frank Sinatra (Pig Portraits, Gold)

BAT (Bon á tirer)
160.0cm x 124.5cm
Printed image size
166.0cm x 129.0cm x 9.5cm

Medium: Acrylic and enamel screen print on canvas.

- Image: 160.0cm x 124.5cm
- Framed: 166.0cm x 129.0cm x 9.5cm

Good To Know: Professionally framed, stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: Most people don’t know that Frank Sinatra has an arrest record and a mugshot to match. The reason for his arrest may be even more surprising. The official charge? Seduction.

This seemingly archaic charge was generally applied when a man convinced an unmarried woman of good repute to engage in an inappropriate encounter with him. There was generally a promise of marriage that was never actually forthcoming, thereby ruining her reputation.

The charge was eventually dropped when it was discovered that the supposedly single woman was in fact married. Later that year, armed with this new information, the original charge was revised slightly, and Sinatra was again arrested, this time for Adultery. All charges were dropped in court in January 1939.

The infamous mug shot gave Sinatra the “bad boy” reputation that led him to star in over 40 movies, including the popular films “From Here to Eternity, ” “Guys and Dolls, ” and “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Source: Crime Museum

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