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The Truth Will Set You Free

100.0cm x 70.0cm

Medium: Mixed media (giclée, screen print, acrylic and hand applied varnish) on paper.

Good To Know: Unframed, stored flat in humidity controlled art storage facility, accompanied by a CoA (Cert. of Authenticity) issued by the artists, condition report available upon request.

Asking Price: Excludes international shipping and applicable import duties / charges. Please contact our gallery for a shipping quote. Delivery within Singapore is free.

Arty-Fact: Art has always asked us tough questions about where truth ends and where artifice begins – and indeed, whether there can or should be a boundary at all. However, in an era of obsessive social media use, competing cultural narratives, ‘fake news’ and post-truth, it is a matter that may have never been more pressing for our world. It is into such a troubled void that The Connor Brothers have stepped.

As Mike Snelle (one half of The Connor Brothers) has observed, it is the paradox of art that artifice often provides the best means by which to portray reality, while fiction is the best way to challenge conventional ideas of what we perceive to be the ‘truth’. What you think you see, and perceive to be self-evident, isn’t necessarily so. There is so often a deeper or even completely different truth to be ascertained – or to put it in Mike’s own words, “Who knows the truth of anything?”

Source: The Connor Brothers: Art-world fakery that’s as ‘real’ as it comes

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