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Sale Ends (V2)

Available from
56cm x 76cm

Sale Ends was first created for Banksy's groundbreaking 2006 exhibition Barely Legal in Los Angeles. It features a group of men and women all worshipping a Sale Ends sign, which can be interpreted as an ironic statement on the glorified status of capitalism and the market, commenting on the nearly religious nature of sales and consumer goods which are worshipped by the masses. The first version of this print was printed by Modern Multiples and was made available at Barely Legal in very limited quantities.

In 2017 when Pictures on Walls announced it was closing its doors after fourteen years, the artist decided to finally release this reworked version which had been left on a shelf.

This print has been signed and numbered by the artist, with both the artist and publisher's blind stamps. It comes with Pest Control COA and is available framed or unframed.

Please note: this work has been consigned to us by a client and is available for sale elsewhere.

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