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Beauty treads a razor edge #8

Unique work
H1400 mm x W1200 mm

Joanna Jones’ paintings are remarkably refreshing and uplifting. Her eccentric compositions where wondersome silhouettes emerge from the depth of the canvas capture the eye. No beginning no end - journeys paused in the stream of time – taking hold of us. Dazzling frottages from heavenly planes, powerful and beguiling, strike a chord with our deepest inner being.

After carefully mixing her egg tempera paint and applying it one layer at a time, Jones’ herself transforms into a living brush. She tosses and hovers the coloured liquid with her naked body, creating otherworldly abstractions. Whatever happens on the canvas, she is the tool executing a mysterious mission. While her method gives the impression of being forceful the opposite applies, tenderness and intuition dominate her doings. Jones’ confesses that she spends a lot of time as viewer of her own work, examining what she has created but not seen at the moment of making.

Jones has exhibited widely, The Royal Academy, London; Wrexham Arts Centre of North Wales; The City Gallery of Leicester; Leicester City Museum; Space Gallery Folkstone; all in the UK. The National Gallery of Canada, Montreal, Canada; Taipeh Gallery, New York, USA; Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria; Pharos Center for Contemporary Art, Nicosia ; Pharos Foundation, Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Nicosia Cyprus; Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurtam Main; Künstlerhaus Balmoral, Bad Ems; Frankfurter Kunstverein; Stadtmuseum Bad Ems; Museum Mühlheim; Städtische Galerie, Bad Soden; Haus am Lützowplatz; Galerie Kyra Maralt, Berlin; Galerie Wild, Frankfurt am Main; Galerie Klaus Werth, Frankfurt am Main; Galerie Gilla Lörcher, Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany.

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