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My Bed

Available from
24 x 18.5 in

24 x 18.5 inches
Archival pigment print
Limited Edition of 10 unique works
Hand-embellished, signed, and numbered by the artist with oil pastel, gouache, and Flashe
Sold in mint condition, unframed.
NOTES: Danielle Orchard utilizes the familiar painting tropes of art historical forebears, to produce pseudo-self portraits of women caught up in romantic and mundane rituals. Female subjects are depicted within leisurely tableaux that are permeated by a sense of unease, brought forth by the artist’s distinct use of color, composition and what she considers to be low-stakes mishaps. Often shown in states of undress, these characters flout feminine expectations in trivial ways. Orchard received her MFA from Hunter College, and has presented work in solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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